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Michelin Star meat feast at Burnt Ends, Singapore

Singapore is my new favourite city! We spent 5 days there recently and we absolutely loved it. Some people have said that it can feel a bit clinical there – it’s very clean and maybe doesn’t have the rustic charm of some other South East Asian cities, but D and I are real city lovers so we felt right at home.

As it was our honeymoon, we wanted to treat ourselves and do something special. I had booked a fancy restaurant in Bali, which was the other part of our trip (more on that in a future post!) but there was so much going on with the wedding build-up that I didn’t get to book anything in advance for Singapore.

It didn’t matter though, as we were literally spoilt for choice with the food. We hit some hawker markets and got traditional chicken rice (some good, some bad…) and famous satay skewers. We had some fabulous waffle brunches and discovered brown sugar bubble tea – one of the best things ever!!!

By the last day, we were walking around Chinatown and thought we would take a punt and try and get a walk-in at Burnt Ends. If you haven’t heard of Burnt Ends, it describes itself as a “modern Australian bbq” which is a super modest description – they have a Michelin Star! But they basically had me at “roasted meat” and “4 tonne wood fire oven” so I really wanted to try it 🙂

We got there at 11:45am and as luck would have it, they could squeeze us in. Like literally, at the end of the side table, but hey, no complaints from us – the restaurant was fully booked so we felt really lucky to even get in!

The service was top notch and really friendly. The servers helped us out with the menu and how much to order since we were newbies lol. We decided to go with a mix of appetisers, some sharers and then 200g of steak to round off. They showed us the actual piece of meat and explained the cut and the marbling – I just nodded like I knew what was going on 🙂

First up, chicken thighs, crispy skin but so juicy in the middle. I could’ve eaten 10! Then the miso roasted aubergine, so soft and umami. Nice (if a tad small) starters to get us going.

Then, the Burnt Ends Sanger. I didn’t know how big it would be, but I needn’t have worried. It was a huge burger piled high with soft moist delicious pulled pork and topped with crunchy coleslaw on a glossy brioche bun. It was amazing. Probably the best pulled pork burger of my life actually.

The lamb followed – yes, it was served on a sword! Again, the meat was sooo soft and perfectly pink in the middle.

At this point, some spaces opened up at the bar and the servers let us move seats which was great. We got to watch the sommelier make cocktails and get a great view of the restaurant.

Finally, the steak. Now I love steak, but sometimes my body can’t handle steak served rare and the IBS kicks in… Most specialist meat restaurants prefer to serve meat on the rarer side (and they didn’t give us a choice at Burnt Ends) so naturally I was a little bit nervous… Well, it did come pretty rare but I was totally fine after. It was clearly a really nice cut, no gristle at all and flavoured beautifully. It was served with a really simple side salad which complemented the meat perfectly.

All in all, a really good experience that I would recommend. I think we ordered just the right amount for an early lunch. Although I do regret not ordering the spider crab which looked and smelled absolutely amazing (you can see on one of the pictures!) but it was pretty pricey. If you go, definitely get the Sanger – it’s worth it, trust me!


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