Mezze box by The Ottö-Men at Levenshulme Market

Just a short post today to sing the praises of The Ottö-Men, an Ottoman and Mediterranean street food stall who had a spot at Levenshulme Market, Manchester this weekend.


I was drawn in by the selection of mezzes on the counter table as they all looked super yum – so I chose the 5-item box and wow! Such an amazing box of food – the falafel, hummus, chicken stew, tabbouleh were out-of-the-ordinary; little twists such as the pea in the hummus and a sprinkle of sumac made it extra-special, and made for an awesome lunch on an otherwise dreary day. I’ve never had an aubergine filo roll before but again, gorgeous!

The Otto-Men mezze box
Ignore the plastic box – they also do eco-friendly open boxes but I was worried about rain potentially ruining my food so opted for a lid…

So, The Ottö-Men get a big thumbs-up from me! Check out the links below for their schedule so you can pay them a visit, and don’t forget to follow me for more Manchester food reviews soon!


Instagram: theottomen

Facebook: The Ottö-Men


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